I am exhausted.

This is not wholly a bad thing. It´s the sort of exhaustion that comes as the inevitable product of enjoying oneself, and then being rudely dragged back into reality, kicking and screaming. But the pain is worth it, because the enjoyable experience was so very enjoyable.

This eclectic mix of emotions is the result of my Easter holidays, which I spent travelling around Andalucía with two girlfriends.  We chose Andalucía on purpose, as it is infamous in Spain and around the globe for its extravagant and historically important Semana Santa celebrations (Semana Santa means Holy Week). I have so much to relate about the things we did, and saw, and smelt and heard and tasted, that I am breaking my stories up into manageable chunks and relating the tales in order of the cities we visited – Córdoba, Sevilla, Cádiz and Granada.


So, with no further ado,


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