For someone that keeps a journal, I have always been remarkably reluctant to write a blog – 99% of the time, my ramblings are best kept to themselves. But as a 3rd year student of English and Spanish, I will be spending the next 9 months living in Madrid and working as an assistant teaching English in 2 secondary schools. My reservations have finally been squashed into submission by the urge to have some kind of written record of my year abroad and the realisation that a blog allows you to condense hundreds of emails home into one convenient space –

and so, ¡aquí va nada…!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. We grow by taking the difficult path instead of staying with the easy and familiar. It is the difficult path that leads to more interesting, spiritually rewarding futures. You have some excellent photographs here. I know how you feel about blogs; I did start one on my own server using BlazeBlogger software, but it became inaccessible after a change of ISP; I can’t be bothered to find out why. Now I am in process of shredding years of accumulated writing; came across a packet of my mum’s letters dating from 1938 — was unable to feed those to the shredder and set myself the task of collating and publishing them for the family. Ages ago, when Franco was in power, Freddy’s mum and I travelled through Spain with our parents. The Alhambra sticks in my memory, as does the Costa del Sol, Gibraltar, and some place built on a river that ran down the middle of the street, a river of orange and foaming pollution.

    • Thank you for your comments – I am glad that you enjoy my (relatively newfound) love of blogs! I am in the process of documenting my trip around Andalusía, and Granada was the last place we visited. The Alhambra is a remarkable place and dominates the city – I’m not surprised it sticks out in your memory. I did not visit anywhere like the polluted town you are describing though, it sounds horrific, especially as the Spanish countryside is so incredibly beautiful. Perhaps they have cleaned it up since you were there – one can hope…

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